Philanthropic Planning for Families & Individuals

Individuals or families for whom philanthropy is important may have the very best intentions for using their resources to benefit others. However, they may not have the experience, expertise, time or ability to create a values-based, strategic plan to guide their giving and help them find the joy and meaning in being philanthropists.

The DeBoskey Group works with families to ensure that philanthropy is aligned with values. When appropriate, we conduct multi-generational family meetings, starting with the basics of philanthropic values and how they are communicated within the family. Some of the questions we help answer are:

  • What does the family want to achieve and how can each family member participate in decision-making?
  • Does the family need to address and reconcile different values?
  • What does it mean to be a philanthropist rather than simply a donor?
  • How do we make philanthropy transformational rather than merely transactional?
  • How do we create a “safe zone” that best engages the rising generations?

We will help you explore the various ways to structure your philanthropy, whether it involves creating a family foundation, setting up a donor-advised fund or simply working with existing charitable entities.

Philanthropic planning is a unique opportunity for a family to come together, ascertain shared values and empower rising generations to carry on and shape the family’s legacy. Working with The DeBoskey Group, our team will help you identify your goals, develop a strategic plan and monitor whether you are achieving your objectives.  All of our work is done with discretion and complete confidentiality.

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