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Businesses are philanthropic for many reasons. It might be an extension of the owners' personal giving or a desire to return something to the community from which profits are derived. Some businesses believe in the philosophy first expressed by John F. Kennedy: "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Businesses may want to establish a philanthropic presence in their community for marketing and positioning purposes. It can enhance a company's, or a brand's, reputation to be associated with a worthy cause - or help to otherwise gain influence in a community. Further, it helps to build a platform of pride for employees and helps in emloyee recruitment and engagement.

If your company supports charitable efforts, be it for philosophical or business reasons, you'll want to approach giving with the same rigorous analysis you apply to pure business decisions. Here are just some of the questions we will help you address:

  • What are your philanthropic goals?
  • Are there particular causes which will speak best to your employees and customers?
  • How do you reach decisions about how much and to whom you should donate?
  • Are the charities to which you give accountable to you for their performance?
  • Are your philanthropic decisions aligned with your business strategies?
  • Should you establish a corporate foundation?
  • How do you negotiate and monitor your relationship with your donees?
  • How do you measure the impact of your philanthropy on your business and on the communities you serve?

The DeBoskey Group has designed a systematic approach to ensure that your philanthropy is strategic and impactful. This, ultimately, is what will serve you, your customers and the community in the best possible way. 

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