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How We Work

For many people, the inclination for charitable giving is an emotional, heartfelt impulse. For others, it is a pragmatic approach to community service. For businesses, it may be connected to managing market perceptions. And for foundations, it is their raison d'etre.

Whatever your motivation for philanthropy, the implementation can involve more than the familiar actions of responding to a disaster, dropping coins into the kettle at the supermarket or writing year-end checks.Those gifts are heartfelt, honorable and serve an important purpose.They may be based on impulse rather than strategy, and are sometimes a result of habit or convenience rather than part of a thoughtful plan to impact your community or world as a philanthropist.

At The DeBoskey Group, our mission is to help you organize, strategize and maximize the impact of your giving.

We will carefully, sensitively and confidentially help you articulate the reasons why you give as the first step in developing a systematic and strategic plan to achieve your philanthropic objectives.

Families and Individuals

No matter where you are on your philanthropic journey, The DeBoskey Group will help you, and your family, organize your giving, increase its impact to achieve your vision for making a difference in the world, and help you find the joy and meaning in the process. Whether you are new to philanthropy or have been giving for years, we will help maximize the impact of giving during your lifetime, and assure a lasting philanthropic legacy well into the future.

We can also help you educate your children — young or mature — about the meaning and practice of philanthropy and involve them in your decision-making in a collaborative and values-centered process. We will work closely with your financial advisor, tax advisor and estate planner to insure that your philanthropic goals and legacy are understood, and achieved, by your family.

At The DeBoskey Group, we understand your desire for privacy. Like any of your professional advisors, we maintain complete confidentiality in all of our work with you.

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In our work with businesses, we will listen to your leadership team and, when appropriate, your employees, to help you discern the attainable objectives of your philanthropy. We'll examine the scope of your current giving and provide in-depth information about your donees' organization, management and efficacy. We'll negotiate on your behalf with the charities you select to assure the optimal use of your brand. The outcome of our work together will be to develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving your philanthropic goals, including designing a plan of action and tools for monitoring, measuring and evaluating the outcomes of your philanthropy.

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Leaders of foundations often recognize that it is helpful to consult with outside professionals who can bring independent perspectives to their work. We will ask the probing questions to assure that your mission and grant guidelines are clearly defined and that you have a strategy designed to achieve them. We are also available to help manage and implement specific projects and programs that help your foundation - big or small, public or private - achieve its mission.

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